It’s with great pleasure and pride I would like to tell the rest of the world that this country has done a great job in containing one of the deadliest pandemic in the recent decades or even the century .

I have been working here in UAE for the last 7 years and trust me when I say this ,for the past few months I have never ever seen the streets this empty. Almost every public places very closed . No entertainment facilities. Most of the offices were gone virtual. But still we managed to move forward in the right direction with the help of local authorities and ofcourse the front line warriors,the medical staffs . In Abu Dhabi the government has gone an extra mile to make sure things are in right side. A dedicated team was assigned to go to every single apartment and accommodation and test every resident in the country.

The country is still fighting this, but definitely it has the upper hand now. And officially Dubai is open for tourists and business. Streets are getting busy . Offices are open . Hope to travel somewhere soon .



Author: Abraham Thomas

~A guy who loves to explore and travel around .

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