RE Rolls- The Road Trip 13. 01. 2018

A long road trip was a thriving experiment which I always wanted to experience to crack out of the nut shell.

I expected to have a slow ride on my Royal Enfield (which is the most popular cruising bike of recent decade in india) with so called classic thumping(even though the new RE versions are not up to the mark on thumping as earlier version were,still its a classic ride) and the whoosing sound of fresh air that blows through the side of my head gear.

 The whole thought of road trip started months before we started rolling on 13th January 2018.

Me and Arul (colleague,cousin,friend) started planning about the trip from February 2017 and the initial plans were from Kottayam to Jaisalmer(Rajasthan) which is still lying in our bucket list.As usual when the time nears trip the destinations started dwarfing down the map from Jaisalmer to Ahmadabad, Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Gokarna, Murdeshwar,  Uduppi, Mangalore and halted at Wayanad (ok… that is embarrassing) .

Finally with no clear decided destinations we started off from Chenganashery headed towards Wayanad with 6 days in hand. 


To be very open we didnt had much preparations.  Had a full regular service for the RE classic 350.The very basic amenities such as jacket,Gloves,helmet, sunglass, watch,gopro,dslr,bunge cords, carry bag.

Arul took an extra cluch cable.

DAY -1

Around 3:15 Am we started from chenganashery bypass road towards alappy and off to Wayanad via edapally,Chavakkad,Ponnani and tirur.

We had our first stop in alappy to buy a bottle of water as both of us forgot to take water and a few snaps just before we leave and straight to edapally.We halted opposite to the lulu mall Edapally for an early tea and on  the bike again since we didnt want to waste much time as we have a long way to ride.

As we ride on, the road got narrowed to 2 lane and then regress to a single lane two way road ( still a  National Highway in the mighty nation).Road conditions getting bad and traffic started putting hurdles on our plan.Had our breakfast near vadanapally in a decent restaurant and took a 45 minutes break to strech out and keep the body blood flow normal, then back to road again.

The first unexpected time bustler hit us at chavakkad when Arul felt his bike beacme heavy and found out that he has a flat tyre and totally out of pressure. Stopped the bikes and asked for a local tyre shop where we can fix this. A guy came out from nowhere and made some calls and said a workshop guy wil come and fix it up. Around 45 minutes later the guy came and fixed the puncture and we got late by 2 hours.

Even though we were late as per our plan we didnt want to hurry and later end up in some crappy situations. Road was much better after ponnani . Riding though ponnani and tirur we reached kozhikode where we met Arul’s collage junior princen who is from kozhikode itself. He took us to the a small restaurant which he claimed to have the best beef biriyani in town.Couldn’t complain anything on that. That was the best biriyani i ever had in my life.

Then we decided not go to wayanad since there was a chance for fog on the road and moreover we were too tired.We took a hotel room. Got fresh and princen was kind enough to get his car and came to pick us for a round in kozhikkode. We went to the amazing kozhikode beach. There are a lot of local foods available on beach and nearby beach roads which a south keralite have never tasted or even heard of.By around 11 PM princen dorpped us back in the room and left.

To be continued…

Few pics of the later days on the trip