Scribbling on my journal I was sitting peacefully on the shore adoring the yellows, oranges and blues of the twilight as the mystery of sunset for children unwinding while parents try to justify the spectacle with an illogical fact of sun drowning in the sea to their curious little bundles of joy.

The radiant sun with glowing golden rays is fading out as it nears the horizon.The tranquil sea sparkling with tropical hues is mearly making ripples by the cool breeze sweeping the beach instead of waves and holding-up for the full moon to strike with high tides. Photograhers meandering around with their gears to capture the mesmerizing eventide,the candids of kids piloting kites and occasional yet strikingly beautiful silhouettes.Few young anglers in their dinghy struggling to catch fish in the upper shoreface as the sea remains calm.

The ripples transforming to waves as the dusk creeps in sending the cue for chirping birds to return and rest in their breeding ground.The splashing water cleansing the fine shingle on the beach letting it reflect the glow of colour spectrum .As time passes by , strong wind cleared the dense puffy clouds and sky was aglow as the moon starts to peek in with a blanket of stars shimmering from the distance that stretched to infinity while the opposite side of horizon is glimmered by the city lights. The gust from the sea turned to a zephyr that gently blew across my face offering a pleasantly intoxicated sense of freedom.