The Night Sky – Thoughts

Peeking into a clear night sky itself is a mind-boggling sight . The more time your eyes are stuck on ,the more starry it became. It takes millions of light years for the light from some stars to reach us so that we can see the celestial bodies. Isn’t it possible that at least a few stars we see today on the sky are not even there now or could have exploded even before the evolution of humans? It just amazes me that we are witnessing something that existed well beyond the era of dinosers or the oldest fossils mankind has ever layed hands on or any archeological evidences that we have right now in our access. Looking at the vast endless mighty universe with billions of stars I feel genuinly humbled thinking how mere an existance we are “THE HUMANS” .

And we think of us as lordly. There could be millions of other habitable planets and billions of other human/higher form of intelligent entities with much advanced technologies who might be watching and studying earth and us right now from light years away while we are still trying to figure out how to send a space ship out of our own galaxy.

The books we read , the knowledge we aquire ,the things we see around us , the situations we have been ,the problems,the love, the travels, the happiness, the hate ,the crimes, the wars and the chaos all around are just happening in this teeny tiny planet “THE EARTH” in this majestic universe. And for those who still think we are superior,look below and THINK AGAIN.

And that is just our solar system in galaxy(Milky Way).